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Guitar lessons Calgary

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One of the most famous composers is W.A.Mozart. This is a little bit about him and his influence in the music. Today also his pieces are performed on many instruments.

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piano lessons calgary,
piano lessons calgary

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was one of the most influential and most significant composers of classical music. His work counts more than six hundred pieces and includes symphonies, concerts, compositions for piano, chamber music and opera and piano compositions.

guitar lessons calgary
guitar lessons calgary

Duties and Families

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born on 27 January 1756 in Salzburg . It spurs from the family of successful musicians. His father was Leopold Mozart, who as a musician worked for the Prince of Archbishop of Salzburg. He was also a teacher and he was compiled by order. Wolfgang’s mother was called Ana Maria Pertl. They had a total of seven children, but at that time there was a very high rate of child mortality and survived only Wolfgang and his elder sister Maria Ana.

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Leopold began teaching his son when he was only a few years old. He neglects the job to devote himself to his son and his education. Mozart had known for three years that he was playing piano, and his father taught him to play violin. It quickly develops the skill of playing all the musical tracks at that time.

Leopold was very devoted to the role of teacher’s children, demanding discipline and perfection. Fortunately, brother and sister were very successful. Soon, Wolfgang overcame the expectations of his father and writes for five years with his first composition and shows incredible insertion on clarinet and violin.

In 1762 Leopold took the Wolfgang and Mary An, called Nanerl, to the court in Munich. Mozart was presented as a “miracle of the child”. Then he was only six years old. After that they performed at the court in Paris, London and other European cities. The trips were long and Wolfgang was seriously disappointed for a couple of times. Leopold was more concerned about the wealth he could save than the health of his son.


Mozart and his father go to Italy in 1769 while the sister is staying at home with her mother. Her musical career was officially completed because, by then, she was forbidden by girls to show her art talent in public.

By the time he was 20, he had the opportunity to work on various musical genres, composing symphonies, string quartets, sonata and several operas. He has developed a passion for violin concerts, but has written only five of them, most notably no. 3 and no. 5 . Writing piano concerts turned in 1776 and finished with Piano Concert no. 9 ..

Despite the success of his compositions, Mozart became dissatisfied with his position as assistant conductor, provided by the Archbishop. He was very ambitious and he thought he could achieve more at some other place.

In August 1777, Mozart went on a journey to look for better jobs. It was Mannheim, Paris and Munich. The journey was followed by the mother, who during the trip disrupted and died on July 3, 1778. After hearing about the death of his wife, Leopold provided his son with a place at the court in Salzburg, which Mozart accepted

Private Life Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Against the will of his parents, Mozart married Constance Weber in 1782, with whom he had six children, of whom only two survived. His life was filled with financial difficulties because he often did not pay for it, and he led an extravagant way of life.

Before the very end of life, he wrote his most memorable works, among which the opera “Magic flute”, “Figaro’s marriage” and the unfinished “Requiem”.

The Mozart’s works have different values. The compositions written in early adulthood have a historical value, while most of them are significant due to their artistic quality.

Mozart’s Opus consists of 17 operas, more than 50 symphonies, a large number of instrumental compositions such as cessations, amusements, serenades, quartets, trio, more than 30 sonatas for piano and violin, 26 piano sonatas, 7 violin and 27 piano concerts and 11 for other instruments.

Among the most renowned Mozart’s songs are the serenade “Little Night Music”, “Don Giovanni”, “The Magic Flute”, “Figaro’s Marriage”, Piano Sonata no. 11 (“Turkish March”), Coronation Mass and Urgency.




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